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11-18-2012, 01:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Billybaroo View Post
Well, lets see. Edmonton and northern Alberta sitting on a pool of Oil. Edmonton rabid hockey market, perennial sell outs for las god knows how long despite horrific teams. Charges tons for tickets.
I couldnt imagine 2 more different markets.

So Alberta has some oil, and that's how you differentiate the two teams in regards to their arena arrangement and the fact that despite the Panthers itself losing money, the ownership makes up for that with the profits from outside revenue from the arena? And you see no correlation between the Oilers and the Panthers?

You really have not paid attention or bothered to read any of the information I've posted.

Originally Posted by Puckschmuck View Post
Man, you are so dramatic. The Oilers are NOT in any serious financial threat. There has been zero evidence of this. You are just spreading Katz propeganda as usual. Creating panic by crying wolf.
At what payroll point would the Oilers begin to lose significant money? $70M? $80M? Considering Edmonton is a small market and is fully penetrated, I'm wondering how you think the Oilers are going to be able to compete in this market without additional revenue, considering they were fielding ~$22M teams until the 05 lockout artificially made this market viable and we got an owner who was willing to spend.

Looking ahead and analyzing is not "crying wolf", it's called foresight.

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