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11-18-2012, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by NightBlazer View Post
Gaudreau has the perfect playing style for overcoming small stature; he's incredibly shifty, quick, high IQ, and a great passer. All the traits for small players to overcome their size, he has in spades, as well as having a ridiculous skill set overall. So if anyone at that size can make the NHL then it's him.
People underestimate how hard it can be to actually hit a small player sometimes. Yeah its going to be easy for a 6 foot, 215 pound forward to manhandle a 5 foot 8, 170 pound forward on the boards, or how easy it will be for a 6 foot 2, 210 pound dman to push him from the front of the net, but how often are those tow actually going to be able to put hands on him?

Not as often as you think. That's why I hated little guys as a giant dman. They wee so shifty and could change direction so fast, it was hard to get a bead on them.

Your not going to see Gaudreau fighting for a puck along the boards, using his size to push players out of the way, or seeing him fighting for position in front of the net to try and tip a shot. That's not his game. So why would he need body size for that?

Seriously, look at one of the most successful players in the past 10 years: Martin St Louis. He's virtually the same height, and only 170 pounds and he's a dynamo on the ice.

It's just idiotic to write a guy off on size alone.

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