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11-18-2012, 01:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Kingstonian84 View Post
1) Too intense of a hockey market, its like living in hollywood for these players, their every move gets scrutinzed 24/7.
Does this theory of yours only apply to hockey, or to all athletes, in general? It clearly doesn't apply to actors, since Hollywood is a pretty popular place. Man, hockey players are such wimps with fragile egos.

Originally Posted by Kingstonian84 View Post
2) Burke doesn't like to dish out more then 5 year long contracts, players these days want 7-12 years. I don't agree with these types of contracts BUT if that's whats ************ players from signing here then Burke really needs to get over his fat ego.
And those players wanting 7-12 year contracts is one of the reasons they're getting locked out. Do you seriously think it's Burke ego that's preventing him to offer such contracts?

Originally Posted by Kingstonian84 View Post
3) MLSE for a very long time has not shown a serious committment to winning, sorry but its the truth. Players want to know the team they're playing for WILL be a winning one, no player wants to come sign on and waste years of their lives playing for a bottom feeding team.
Not deciding ahead of time to throw in the towel on 3-4 consecutive seasons shows more commitment to winning than the route the Oilers chose to take.

Originally Posted by Kingstonian84 View Post
Issue #1 will never change, so its time to just except it. Issue #2 will only change once Burke is canned and/or the new CBA re-aligns its player contracts. Issue #3 is slowly being fixed but we're still several years away from being a good team.
Issue #1 is fictitious, with absolutely no proof.

Issue #2 is a popular folk-lore among the Burke-detractors. Most rational people realize that Burke had a very strong suspicion that the new CBA would fix most of the loop holes present in the previous CBA, and teams knowingly exploiting it could very well be indirectly penalized by the new agreement.

Issue #3... wait... Even you can see the light at the end of the tunnel? It's about time. Most of us never expected to be contenders in 4 seasons.

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