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Originally Posted by hotcarle View Post
I have remained, thus far, silent. I feel that I have the right to defend myself.

We played three times, and I beat you three times.

You claim I ALWAYS use my signature "glitch goal" move.

The first time, in a game in which I led 3-0 for most of the game (and did not use my "glitch goal" move); you fought back valiantly, but I held on for a 3-2 win. I wrote GG, you responded with "U GOT DOMINATED". I remained silent.

The second time, I led almost the whole game. You tied it up with 2 seconds left on a lucky Nyqvist goal from behind the goal line. I won in overtime, on a breakaway, on which I used my signature "glitch goal" move. I wrote GG, it was. You responded with "Dipietro is a glitch goalie"...or something like that. You then proceeded to complain about me on the forumsm, starting your firt Isles witch hunt. "It's not fair that he uses Glitch goalie Dipietro...I totally dominated him....he's not fair he beat me..anyone else have trouble with him"....or something like that. You have Price, the best goalie in the game; I have an 81 overall right catching goalie...I offered to trade.

Last game, I came back from 2-0 to beat you 3-2. I scored two breakaway goals with my signature "glitch goal". I believe I used my move once when not on a breakaway...but I could be wrong, I would have kept better track of it, would I have known I was going to be subpoenaed. I wrote GG, you used profanity to describe my style of play. I wrote back GG.

If that wasn't bad enough; you started your second Isles witch hunt on the boards. Yes, I like to use that move on breakaways, everyone has their favourite move. If I have a one on one against the goalie, and also have a chance to use it, sometimes I will. Learn to defend it. I knew you liked to use the toe drag curl wrister in the slot, and I defended it. As a result, you didn't score much in our games together, save for 3 of those sniped, a lucky poke check goal, and one breakaway.

When my Co Gm defended me on the forums, you, thinking it was me, described him as "even dumber than I thought" you deduced that I was "dumb", because I used that move on breakaways. I fail to see the correlation between intelligence and NHL 13 gameplay, but after all, I'm so dumb...

I had to get this off my chest...I am done....please...stop talking about me.
If you actually talk like that in person you're a total d bag!

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