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11-18-2012, 01:39 PM
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Originally Posted by MAROONSRoad View Post
Why are you estimating only $20 million per year? There is $220 in revenue sharing money in the pot. The top 10 teams will receive nothing and will contribute the most, in excess of $100 million in the current proposal. The middle 10 teams will likely receive less than the bottom 10 teams.

If you divided the money between 20 teams equally it would amount to $22 million per season. If the bottom 10 teams receive more on average, it could easily be around $30 million per team. It could be in excess of $30 million for the bottom 5 teams, if the dollars are distributed according to need.

Let me give an example

- $220 million per year in revenue sharing
- Bottom 15 teams in revenue eligible for revenue sharing
- Top 10 teams contribute $100 million into pot

1-10 teams: (minus 10 million per year)
11- 15 teams: no revenue sharing
16- 20 teams: 5 million per year ($25 million in revenue sharing)
21 - 25 teams: 10 million per year ($50 million in revenue sharing)
26 - 30 teams): 30 million per year ($150 million in revenue sharing)

That adds up to $225 million in revenue sharing.

And the NHLPA is asking for $260 million per year in revenue sharing per year, not $220 as used in the example above!
Basically zero incentive to try and get back into the black...

And this my friends is why this league is a complete joke, you have a team hemmoraging money in excess of $40M / season, yet the team still exists?

Things like this would never happen in the NFL, the team would have been long since moved after the first potential buyer balked at the table.

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