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11-18-2012, 02:59 PM
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Lot of the "damage to the game" talk is over-dramatization.

Casual fans in areas where it's a niche sport(90% of the US) barely notice the lockout is going on with the football season running and basketball starting up. Hard for the lockout to have lasting damage when it barely registers.

Fans in areas the sport is popular(like canada) will be back due to long term emotional and historical attachments. That goes doubly so for all the drama queens that pop up during the lockout and declare they are done with the NHL after a sour day in negotiations that makes them feel like jumping off a cliff. The very fact they are so wrapped up in the minutia of the negotiations virtually guarantees they'll be lining up at the doors the second the lockout wraps up, albiet with more bitterness directed at Bettman or whoever else they blame for depriving them of their favorite distraction for a few months.

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