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Originally Posted by Minnesota View Post
Are you going to buy one? If so, I'm curious why.

Nintendo got lucky with the Wii. They created a cheap to build, gimmicky console that appealed to non-gamers. The majority of those people now have their Wii shoved in a closet. The only reason for the Wii's success was due to its simplicity and mass-market appeal. Unfortunately, Nintendo put the majority of the money made from Wii's into developing the WiiU. If this fails, they'll be hurting.

Who does the WiiU even appeal to? It's a confusing product that lacks marketability. What is the WiiU anyways? A console? A tablet? A handheld? That's the downfall; it's trying to be too many things and succeeding at none.

The only people I can see buying a WiiU are die-hard Nintendo fans, but I'm not sure there are enough of those people around to support Nintendo's development of another console - especially when they smother third-party developers, and their first-party franchises are more stale than the crackers in my pantry.
I think that's a bit harsh, as the Wii had a lot of really, really high-quality games. Granted, they were all published by Nintendo, but they were some of the best games of the last generation. They justified the (low) cost of the system as a second console alongside a 360 or PS3, particularly for folks who play local multiplayer.

That said, I agree. The Wii U is a confusing product. The Wii was obvious; the appeal was "look at this magic wand." The Wii U has about a bajillion different control options:

- Gamepad (the tablet)
- Wii U Pro Controller (basically a 360 controller)
- Wii Remote Plus
- Wii Remote
- Wii Remote w/ Nunchuck
- Wii Remote w/ Classic Controller
- Wii Balance Board

And there's no consistency across games as to which will be supported. For instance, New Super Mario Bros. U requires the Gamepad when playing single player, but won't let you use the Gamepad in multiplayer; where each player must have a Wii Remote. (Not even the new Wii U Pro Controller will do!)

And what's worse, the UI and system design are half-baked, which is becoming pretty typical of Nintendo these days. The Video Chat doesn't work without returning to the system menu and booting up. Existing Wii games and VC games are stuck inside a Wii emulator that you have to boot into specifically from the menu, with its own memory (which is the only portion of the system capable of using the SD slot). The Gamepad has a headset jack for online play, but the Pro Controller doesn't. (And in typical Nintendo fashion, plugging a headset into the Gamepad and leaving it otherwise unused on the couch next to you is considered an adequate solution.) Only some games support TV-off mode (where you can play on the Gamepad without the TV). No achievements system, despite repeatedly saying there would be one.

All that said, apparently the Gamepad actually works really well, has come cool applications, and is really comfortable and fun to use. So I'm guessing this will turn out sort of like the Wii, which was worth the price for games like Smash and Mario Galaxy, but which was more alongside, rather than actually competing with, the 360 and PS3.

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