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Originally Posted by JSavoire View Post
Yes, the Powerplay was Anemic but it has been all year and that's why changes were made. Austin, Hooey and Sandlak have had PP throughout the entire year to this point, enough so that they didn't produce either. Hence the continual changes. As for Rookies being on the PP all week, not sure which games you were referring to since I recall last game Petti and Berisha being given PP time, but game before looking at the gamesheet Berisha wasn't on there and I don't recall seeing Heff or M.Cram on it so not sure what game you were watching closely.

As far as penalties, yes way too many and that definitely kills ice for a lot of guys since if you're not a PK guy you sit for all those minutes without a single shift. Coaching staff haven't really changed the PK units much at all but I'm guessing that's because it's 2nd best in the league so for any Vets that aren't on the PK it's hard and you know rookies won't see that ever since it's so successful. Bulls need to stay out of the box period or else you'll have a lot of cold players and it's a sure way to lose some games.

With all the pokers in the fire we'll see who stays and who goes, but in the end no matter what changes are made the Bulls will never be a high scoring team playing that style of game. I don't even think bringing a Monahan or Graovac would change that much.
Agree with absolutely everything you said, seems were arguing the same points, but i still disagree with giving those types of players enough pp time to actually do something, they havent had that chance as much as it may seem like it; and berish petti zharkov have been pp all week

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