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Originally Posted by heartsabres View Post
I am just curious to wear you find the statistics on this? There is a big difference between, uneducated, street educated, dumb, idiot, ect.....
Let me clarify, when I made the 'rocket scientist, under educated' remarks its simply because the vast majority of the NHL players have little to no higher education. They graduate from the CHL and move on to the AHL / NHL with nary a thought to university. Obviously you have some players that came through the NCAA and they'll have a few years of education or possibly a degree but compared to a league like the NFL where every locker room has quite a few guys with degrees and some with advanced ones, you're just not seeing it in the NHL.

They're trusting other people with similar educations to disperse advice and opinions from two snake oil charmers in the Fehr brothers. If I were a player, I'd would sure as hell request that my agent represented me at the meetings, especially since their bottom line is directly tied into my bottom line, and they're just a little more conversant in contract law than I am. Especially for the players signed with major representation, not only would I expect my team's player rep to be at every meeting but I would request an attorney from my agency to be there also.

Being a businessman with a modicum of education and life experience I'm quite aware of my limitations and call on outside resources to supplement any areas that I'm lacking in. For example with the current deal that I'm trying to finalize, I've had contracts looked over with a fine tooth comb by attorneys, I've had a market analysis done, a cost analysis accomplished through a 3rd party and a CPA to go through their books to ensure I'm getting what I think I'm getting (non-disclosure agreement or I would be more specific). Unlike with the NHL players, I don't have a finite career as a businessman...I can keep making money until the day I die (albeit I can't 'work' anymore) so the time I've spent on this deal if it doesn't come to fruition isn't a big thing as I can recoup the time/money spent with a different deal, however as a player I sure as hell can't recoup a year out of my playing career or the money lost.

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