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11-18-2012, 02:21 PM
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Originally Posted by madhi19 View Post
Nice idea except nothing forcing the Leafs, Habs and Rangers to charge what they charge at the gate. You impose a system like that the first thing the big fish will do is simply run a break even business. Because they won't have any motivation to squeeze their own fans.
If I sell a high priced product and have a large profit margin but I must give most of that away to my competitor what stopping me from selling at cost and telling my competitor to take a hike. Great for me since I probably be able to afford a few more games but the league will be in the red pretty fast. It another case where you need league wide standard for everything, ticket, beers, hot-dog, parking...
Exactly, it'd be a race to the bottom. Leads tickets at Florida prices. Florida tickets for free.

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