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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Actually A.S used to walk around 225, at least that's pre-Irvin fight. Now who knows exactly, but if the can shed down to 185, he can drop a few more pounds.
Going to 170 would be impossible imo.
Bottom line is, if A.S were to lose muscle, he wouldn't go through with the cut. Cutting weight is not about losing muscles, that would be counterproductive.
If he agrees to 179, then that'll be water loss, not muscles. Case closed.
Lol how much water do you think is in Silva's body? If he cuts to 185 as is how can he possibly lost even more water weight? He has to drop actual weight and there isn't enough fat on him to do it without losing muscle mass.

Ya, and BJ Penn also, point is, the guy can get hit, and often. Not something you want when you're facing A.Silva.
And yet he has dominated... I'm not even sure the last time GSP has lost a round actually... in every single fight for 5 years.

Right, you said he won't bother standing up with A.Silva, not that he wouldn't want too. Not quite the same, but irrelevant anyways.
GSP's defense has never really impressed me when he goes for takedowns, and his stand up isn't very good. He relies on his speed when he fights standing up, but Silva's quicker, has a bigger reach and is more precise.
Shooting for the takedowns won't be a given. I wouldn't be surprised to see him get stuffed, and more hesitant.
How can you say with any certainty that Silva is quicker? Generally speaking the lower the weight class the quicker the fighters get and nobody at WW is even close to GSP's speed. GSP doesn't have to be aggressive... he's a tremendous counter attacker.

What in god's name are you talking about. Even off his back, Silva can submit opponents. Oh but right, you're just relying on GSP not making a mistake...great point I must say.
GSP has to be flawless in order to win. It's not just about taking Silva down. It's about taking him down and keeping him there, and not getting caught. If he can't keep him on the ground, it's bad news for GSP.
GSP is the best in the business on the ground... Silva is not. You can believe that Silva was "toying" with Sonnen in the first fight but the fact is he got lucky that Sonnen left himself vulnerable and shouldn't have won that fight.

Seriously, it's becoming clearer and clearer that you don't know much about A.Silva.
Either that or you don't understand the sport all that well, maybe a new fan of it.
I don't know anybody who knows this sport well that would say that.
You also believe a fighter taunting other fighters somehow makes them more badass so really your opinion is irrelevant.

No it's not that simple. Seriously dude...Give it a rest.
Heck, you even said it, Sonnen took Silva down all the time, and yet he still lost. If that's not a big enough sign for you to understand that it's not just about taking him down, then I don't know what is.
Yeah it really is that simple. You want to give all this respect to Silva and flip out when somebody compared Condit to him (even though nobody did) and yet you're sitting there comparing Sonnen to GSP... they aren't even on the same level.

Silva can win in any position. On his feet, on the ground on top or on the bottom. You never count him out and you never say ''Silva has 0''. That's just ridiculous.
You never say that about GSP either and yet there you are saying it.

Euhhh, you clearly don't know anything about my stand on MMA.

Find it rather offensive actually seeing how I've been following the sport practically since UFC 1.
Oh it's quite apparent for everyone to see.

You think Joe Montana or Wayne Gretzky never talked trash on the ice or field?
No, but that's not even comparable. Silva can talk all the trash he wants pre-fight like nearly every other fighter.

Who cares about show boating. But yes, if you show boat when you're 0-20, you're an idiot. If you do it at 20-0, you're cocky. Difference.
No there's really not. It's ******** any way you do it, regardless of the circumstances.

In any event, really, you need to relax if you get upset over show boating. The guy easily destroys his opponents (unlike GSP btw), if he wants a little more challenge during a fight so it can spark him up, so be it.
As I said in a previous post, his record speaks for itself anyways.
Not unlike GSP actually. When you win damn near every round (if not every round) for 5 years, you're destroying your opponents.

GSP's record speaks for itself.

It just goes on and on but at the end of the day you're ignoring it for one guy and praising it for the other simply because one is flashy and other isn't.

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