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Originally Posted by GreatSaveJesus View Post
So HRR was $3.3 Billion last season.

If revenue sharing was 100% for the last season, each team would recieve $110 million.

If team payroll was $65 million that would leave $45 million. This would give the players a 59% share of HHR (a lot, I know).

If it cost $15 million to pay for all other team expenses (flights, hotels, salaries of support staff etc) then that would leave $30 million per team.

And if each team payed $5 million to run all other aspects of the NHL (head offices/laywers/accounts/advertisements) that would be $150 million.

After all that, each team would be left with a profit of $25 million.
Try 40-45m in non player expenses. KevFu indicated the average last year (or 2011?) was 44m.

Maclain said it was ~20m back in 2002.

"Itís not as if Donald Fehr was lying to us, several players said. Rather, itís as if he has been economical with information, these players believe, not sharing facts these players consider to be vital."
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