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Originally Posted by onemorecup
name me one ******** GM in this league who would trade a near Smyth trophy winner , who was a horse in the finals for DD :biglaugh
Originally Posted by onemorecup View Post
give me a break , Brown , Doughty and Quick were the horses in the playoffs
Richards and rest played well but those 3 were the main leaders by far
I'm sorry, but you are extremely confused.

I'm talking about Dustin Penner. That big piece of useless that can't score and yet sees regular time on the Kings top6. Desharnais outscored him 3 times over last season, I *think* the kings would have liked him on the team.

Btw Desharnais would have been 2nd in points with the Kings last year.I'm not saying he'd be their 2nd best player (bolded, so when you blatantly misinterpret what I say you'll look even more blind) however its completely senseless to say he couldn't have a place on that (or any) team.

Oh and ...

Originally Posted by onemorecup
cmom guys wake up its like having Darche on our top 6
DARCHE AGAIN? Sorry but you should at least make an effort to try and make non-laughable arguments. Its difficult staying polite answering errh... ''stuff'' like that. Are you trying to bait me into getting banned?

Just tell us how Darche and Desharnais are even comparable. Other than they speak the same language, are NHL forwards and their names start with ''D''. Go ahead. Do they both eat at Subways frequently? Perhaps they both prefer wine to beer? Or maybe they are both the same astrological sign? I don't know, didn't check their birth dates.

Hey I'll use the same argumentation as you! Having Desharnais on the team is like having Mario Lemieux. Both french and centers BAM!

EDIT : I know you'll either ignore my post or focus on some secondary point you'll somehow misunderstand. I can feel it.

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