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11-18-2012, 04:28 PM
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Originally Posted by guymez View Post
Lets take a look at the OC's Ray had to work with in Edmonton. First Maccocia (who actually wasn't a bad OC) then Crandell who is absolute junk.

I think that Ray overcame one of the worst OC's ever to coach the Offence in Edmonton and still had effective seasons.
Ray has looked great and I think it has a lot to do with the offensive system the Argos are running.

Ray works with what you give him...he didn't get much in terms of Offensive game calling during his time in Edmonton (especially in the last 3-4 years) but he is getting a lot now.

Good for Ray...he deserves better than the garbage he had to endure with the Esks the past few seasons.

I wish him all the success...quality Pro athlete.
Yeah, I agree with all of this.

It was really frustrating to read Terry Jones' interview with Kavis Reed in the SUN this morning. He does a complete 180 on the Ray trade and tries to paint a picture that he was against it the whole time. Oh, really? Reed is being exposed as a fraud. He's an expert at deflecting blame and he's a guru of self-preservation.

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