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11-18-2012, 04:31 PM
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It sucks that if there is no season the assets that could have been aquired with selling off MacArthur Connolly Lombardi (assuming he was better this season) etc.

But I was dreaming of next season and had a thought. As stupid as it is to dream about free agent signings, I give you this scenario.

If the Leafs were able to sign Getzlaf they would fill the #1C without giving up any other assets and could be set up for the future both long term and short.

Now cut me some slack on the third line, I know maybe I'm still dreaming a little but just for conversation sake.


Lupul Getzlaf Kessel
JVR Grabo Kulemin
Frattin Colbourne Kadri
Komarov McClemment Brown Devane? (if not Devane anyone who is tough enough to fight anybody on the Bruins roster)

I'm not going to do the pairings but the defense hypothetically would be made up of these players:

Phaneuf Rielly Gardiner Liles Gunnerson Holzer Blacker
still a little soft for my liking but probably able to hold their own.

All that remains is goaltending but if the Leafs get Getzlaf while giving up nothing but money, after another season of experience for the young kids on the 3rd a combination including any of Lupul Kulemin and whatever young defense prospects we feel we can give up or picks and one of Reimer or another goalie prospect could be moved to acquire a solid goaltender. It does't need to be an elite goalie but someone who can provide consistent play in net.

Then with Lupul or Kulemin gone (or both if we're gonna get a star goalie) Kadri or Frattin can graduate to the top 6 with Biggs hopefully coming along in 14-15 to be our protoypical third line player.
Colbourne Biggs and Frattin on a line would be dynamite if only one spot needs to be filled in the top 6.

Also most of those young players are still going to be on relatively cheap contracts. Assuming Burke can resign Kessel and Phaneuf for a good cap hit this team would be set with Phaneuf Getzlaf Kessel JVR Grabo Biggs Frattin Kadri Colbourne Rielly Gardiner all signed long term.

I don't like to overvalue the talent on the roster but we know what we have in Kessel Getzlaf Phaneuf and Grabo, if the rest are able to live up or get close to their potential and a solid goaltender is acquired this could be a Chicago-like perfect storm of young contracts.

Anyway, I'm just bored with no hockey and thats my story book Leaf ending.

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