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05-23-2006, 01:09 AM
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Originally Posted by trippyime
Although a certain Knights fan will probably deny it ever happened...

After the fourth and decicing loss to the Petes in the OHL final, Schremp threw a typical temper tantrum (as he does after most losses) where he repeatedly cursed at the officials, shot a puck at the Petes' bench which nearly hit the coach and threw a water bottle at the official. He was given a gross misconduct and was not on the ice to shake hands for that reason.

After the game, speaking to the media, he said the officials lost the game for them.

He's a sore loser of the worst kind, always has been from what I've seen.
I have recently been quite vocal about what I thought of Schremp's completely immature actions while a member of the Ice Dogs and the childish act that caused him to be traded.

Certain posters told me that he had matured and he shouldn't still be held accountable for things he did as a kid. I didn't think he had changed, and I believe someone poked fun at me by calling my "Dr. Phil".

From whining like a baby to be traded to a contender to shoving his stick through a crack in the boards to spear a fan to this latest incredibly immature temper tantrum has shown me he has not grown, and I fully support his non-presence in the Memorial Cup and hope nothing but the worst for him in his career.

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