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Originally Posted by wings5 View Post
Which is why creating a transfer agreement would greatly benefit both sides. They are doing more damage then good by not coming to terms, many top prospects are leaving. They need to see the big picture and what is more important here.
You're just not informed.

Russia disagreed to sign the trasnfer agreement because the European teams got next to nothing for raising top WORLD talent. Millions of $$ are spent on raising Malkins and Ovechkins, and all that NHL would transfer is some lousy $150,000-$200,000 to the club for a 1st round pick?? MAYBE? (they wouldn't even do it all the time!). While these Superstars would go off to NA and make the NHL Hundreds of millions of dollars! Wait a minute, that's not fair!

It's been stated many times that the FHR made offers where they would get paid significantly more for top round picks, yet NHL refused. So here we are, KHL is developing and NHL talent from Eastern European countries is decreasing.

You're also not informed and dead wrong if you think that nothing is done in Russia about making it more attractive for players to stay. Not to mention that it is working already.

Why should the KHL players be valued less than NHL? Why should KHL/VHL/MHL system be a feeder league to NHL (In principal)? Why can't it be better?(again in principal) Those are all valid questions.

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