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Originally Posted by marty111 View Post
Why Roberto Luongo will be traded and within approx one season's time:

#1. Luongo is ready to move on. Plain and simple. While he has politely given Gillis time and an opportunity to trade him by not forcing his hand and “demanding a trade”, it is a given the future is not long for Luongo and the Canucks.
I agree Luongo is open for a trade. He is fine if he is traded to different team, preferably Florida but what I disagree is that the situation would be so fierce that Luongo don't want to stay in Vancouver. So "It's a given the future is not long for Luongo and the Canucks" it's just your assumption and view of this, definetly not a fact.

I feel that (this is not a fact, just speculation from my part) it would be number one option for Luongo and Gillis that there would be a nice deal with Florida (or whatever is Luongo's preferred team), but this is not the only option. From what I read and think about this, as a neutral hockey fan, I feel that Luongo would be open for many things: Traded to some teams as a starter (not solely Florida), or staying in current place but getting the starter position, or even just forming a tandem with Schneider for at least some time (1-2 seasons).

#2. Mike Gillis can keep both Luongo and Schneider?/ Lu has no control where he goes. According to CapGeek, Roberto Luongo has a NTC.... Luongo has far much more control than people suggest.
Luongo has a NTC, this is a fact. But there is no evidence, and I think not much to think that Luongo would fiercely use his control. I don't think he has burned down any bridges or anything, he would still be content staying in Vancouver too - after all he wants to win Stanley Cup and Vancouver offers a great shot for that.

#3. New CBA, future cap ceiling, and the Canuck’s cap management going forward.
I agree with this one.

If cap goes down, I'd say Vancouver should trade one of their goalies for sure. They could fit under the cap doing multiple other moves so this (trading Luongo or Schneider) wouldn't be forced but a probable scenario anyway.

Basically more down the cap will go (without taking rollbacks in discussion), more pressured/inclined Canucks will be trading one of their goalies (probably Luongo)

Marty, I think you are simplifying too much things. Some good points though and I agree that Luongo wouldn't fetch much at this goalie market. I feel that Kulemin+Colbourne+1st or Petrovic+something+1st could be had but there is no way any of these players would become as good players Luongo is. But probably even a better market, goalies don't fetch a star forward.

I appreciate your contribution to the thread though Marty, mostly you are doing great rational thinking but I disagree with some assumptions you made.

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