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11-18-2012, 04:02 PM
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A question for the Xbox league. Do you guys want to try moving the skill level up to superstar for one sim?

I know we debated the crap out of this at the beginning of last season but the reason I ask is because I'm currently playing in another league that is set to superstar and the game play is way way better. For the most part Gms haven't been setting there games to CPU anyways so that part won't be effected. The game on superstar has way more flow and is not a big poke check rest. I also find that the players are more realistic in there actual abilities. Anyway I think if we tried it for one sim you would be pleasantly surprised at how much better the game play is. Also the goalies are way more active so you don't have to watch a guy score the same goal on you five times a game. So what do you all think? One sim lets try it!

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