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11-18-2012, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by FoppaForsberg View Post
I can only think of two times where a team intentionally tanked. The Penguins in the 80s to get Lemieux, and the Caps blowing up their team so they could land Ovechkin. The Oilers after the lockout were basically in the same exact situation as the Flames are right now, they brought in UFA's to try to compete, but ended up failing miserably. It'll be funny in a few years when the Flames are a bottom 5 team too.
In my opinion the Penguins have done it twice. Chicago could be blamed on dollar Bill but they were letting elite talent skip town and trading captains. They were not a picture of trying either before they hit on a lot of that current young core.

The Oilers just had the bottom drop out. I don't know that I would call them the classic tank to win, once it happened they didn't apologize for it and had to be honest. But they were trying and had a series of just unfortunate things happen to them. The Pens and Hawks were just being flat out cheap. I think that has to do with the fanbases knowledge. Teams in the US get away with that, teams in Canada don't have as easy a time in my opinion. If Montreal stinks next year they will sell it differently than say an Anaheim.

I don't really want Phoenix to get it especially while league owned. But MacKinnon to that franchise if they were moving to Seattle wouldn't be a bad thing. Having a young stud to sell the franchise from day 1 would be huge.

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