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Originally Posted by garret9 View Post
I like Slater but I would say no... because being the best means there is no better.

Technically GST was not a 4th line last year... The Stapleton line was. They were a third line as they were averaging 3rd most minutes.... but we all know they should have been a 4th line.

GST was severly outplayed and outgunned all the time. They basically played PK as a 5-man unit, and whenever any of them played the PK they did a terrible job at it. They do have heart, and give a 110%. Problem is their output at 110% is worse than some at floating at 70%. Although, the sport being how it is, truculence, energy and emotion are an important elements to the game. I read a good article by a stats guy stating that a players positives in character and team dynamics may outweigh their outplay if they cause the rest of the team to play better, as long as their TOI is minimized to maximize results... which is why I am fine with _ST or _S_ as a 4th line.

I'm going to do things differently... I'll show the stats, explain them, and you guys can try to interpret them. Let's compare Slater to his peers (centremen who play a +RelCorsiQoC and less than 35% Ozone starts with at least 20 GP):
NameTeam TOICorsiRelQoCCorsiRelPenDiff OZS% OZF% G/60 A1/60 P/60

*all these numbers are even strength only
*TOI is self explanatory
*CorsiRelQoC is a measurement of how tough of lines they faced; larger being tougher.
*CorsiRel is how outshot/scored they were; positive=good negative=bad
*pen differential is how much they take penalties minus how much they draw /60min... more pp and less pk = negative # = good
*OZS is what % their shifts start in the ozone... lower number = tougher assignment
*OZF is how much their shift finishes in the ozone... this is more amusing as it hasn't shown to have strong correlation to talent or winning like Corsi does (probably due to it being based on too many factors/variables)
*G,A1,P/60 is their point production per TOI; I don't do secondary assists usually because they tend to come less from talent as A1 do

I've always defended Slater though, saying he's the exception in GST and his linemates are his dead weight.
In your list above, I would rate Bolland and B Sutter ahead of Slater, but I think he could compete with the rest. He had a career year last year, despite crappy line mates, so I'm betting he is a late bloomer and still has something left. Also, he is a character player and a bargain, to boot. Bolland makes over twice his salary.
I'm very happy with Slater

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