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11-18-2012, 04:37 PM
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Here's my take on Kadri

I believe Burke/Wilson have mismanaged the guy since he arrived here, let me explain. Kadri had a great juniour league career then he played only a few games in the AHL before being called up, he was called up because at the time our offense was running dry, and Kadri was nowhere near ready to help us, he was put in a position to fail not succeed. Kadri's first call up, he was a weak skater and was always pushed off the puck, not to mention he would try far too many dangles and making "cute" plays instead of making the right ones. I actually don't fault Kadri because he was nowhere near ready for primetime, IMO Burke should have given him the entire year to develop in the minors, let him build his core strength and get adjusted to playing with men instead of boys. When Kadri was given a shot at next years camp he dominated and proved he was worthy of a spot, but then he was injured and Frattin inherited that role, from there Kadri was bounced up and down the rest of the way, which was NOT fair to him.

I'm not a huge Kadri fan but even I can say he's never been given a chance to suceed here. At this point he's much closer to being a "bust" then he is to being a legit top 6 player, next season is key to determining which way Kadri will go, the leafs need to give him a legit chance and Kadri needs to prove himself once and for all.

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