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11-18-2012, 04:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Alexdaman View Post
Honestly I see a lot of fanboys here saying things like they know everything about MMA and oh GSP will never be able to win against Silva, Silva is greatest of all-time and etc. But the way I see things is that Anderson's opponnents vs GSP's opponnents, that GSP has fought some much bigger names and won. And after almost dominating Condit who dominated Diaz I think that there's just no worthy fighters left for GSP to fight except maybe Kampmann.

GSP has already put Matt Hughes KO of course that was 6 years ago, but I believe he is much stronger now plus the experience he gained.

People just see the obvious... oh Silva has put KO all of his 4 last opponents GSP is boring and only wins decisions. But GSP makes almost no mistakes he soundly beats every opponents he fights and avoids being in tough spots. Plus he fights the very best challengers in MMA.

Are the best fighters in light heavyweight or in welterweight? I think welterweight has more mentally talented strikers. And this is why I think GSP stands a good chance to beat Silva.
I'm far from being a fan boy, I love both these fighters because of their talent, but I couldn't care who wins. If you think I base my decision because Silva KOs his opponents whereas GSP takes them 5 to rounds, you're greatly mistaken.

My decision is simple. Silva has better striking in every sense of the word, faster, more powerful, more accurate. He is bigger than GSP, likewise for his reach, he is dangerous both on top and on the bottom when on the ground.

I already had discussions about how Matt Hughes was probably one of the most overrated champions in the UFC, as well as Chuck Liddell. Knocking him down means very little. GSP doesn't have KO power.

It's pretty obvious that Silva goes into this fight with the upper hand, by a far margin.

Originally Posted by AndyPipkin View Post
^ Over the course of Anderson's career he's shown he is the weakest against fighters who are good wrestlers, and GSP is supposed to be elite when it comes to that.
And yet he's beaten them all.

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