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Originally Posted by LEAFANFORLIFE23 View Post
i gotta wonder how the UFA goalie market will inpact lou's value? if the season gets wiped out TT, jimmy Howard, mike simth, backstrom and others are set to be UFA supply could outweigh demand
Well considering the fact that 3 out of those 4 goalies are highly likely to re-sign in their respective cities and the 4th is a 38 year old who decided not to play hockey at all this season in any league.
Howard won't be leaving Detroit unless for some unknown reason the Wings don't bother offering a contract. Only way I see this happening is if Wings sign Perry first and go with no goalie again
Backstrom has been in Minny since became across the pond and is at the age where winning is important, a team who just acquired the two top Free Agents this last summer offers a desirable location and is in a division where only 1 team has been great at the othe 4 mediocre at best. Offering a higher chance to be in the playoffs than any but the South East as a possibility.
And Smith isn't leaving PHX. I don't care what people say about ownership crap, obviously guys like playing there, especially when you get a Vezina nomination, a Western Final appearance and a hugely statistical improvement with a new goaltending coach, I doubt Smith leaves for anyone but Philly, depending on if Bryz doesn't wanna come back. Since they'd be the only other true playoff contender to be looking for a goalie.

But the Leafs can continue to hold out hope guys like Timmy T can pull them outta the gutter.

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