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11-18-2012, 06:42 PM
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Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
Because these work stoppages aren't due to him, the last two are due to the people that he represents: the owners. If they didn't approve of what he was doing in how these lockouts were being handled he would have been long gone shortly after an agreement had been reached in 05. Didn't happen and instead he got a pretty hefty raise.

And let's not pretend that Fehr doesn't shoulder a significant amount of blame for this as well. He's the one that started the whole stall tactic mess in the first place when he took over as head of the PA. The NHL offered to open their books with him so that negotiations could begin as soon as possible. Instead he delayed as long as possible leading to a very limited time frame to get a lot done, leading to the start of this lockout. In short we're just now getting to the point where the league's been locked out for as long as Fehr was delaying negotiations upon being named PA head. And we're nowhere near that same amount of actual season lost yet. And this is coming from someone that's not exactly a Bettman apologist in the least.
Yeah...I don't give a **** about this lockout. I want him fired for every other dumb ass thing he's done as commissioner.

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