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11-18-2012, 06:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Oh right, it's Lutter that gassed, otherwise he'd have won.
And then it's Sonnen that made a mistake, otherwise he'd have won.

Sure, it's their fault, Silva had nothing to do with it of course. Lutter just gassed out by himself and Sonnen just gave his arm to Silva and asked him to submit him.

As for the rest, really..? Not even going to address that.

As for Hughes, he fought at a time where his competition wasn't really amazing.
He lost to BJ, then fought guys like Verrissimo, a green GSP, Joe freaking Riggs...I mean come on..I'm supposed to be impressed?
I never said Lutter would have won, but he was in control of the fight for the most part.

Sonnen got caught, it happens, its mma...But he got caught against Anderson Silva, not some nobody.

When it comes to Hughes, I actually don't like the guy, but come on.

- 2nd all time in WW title defences.
- Has never lost to a fighter with a losing record.
- Fight record includes: GSPx3, Menne, Hallmanx2, Gono, Doerkson, Newtonx2, Sakurai, Sherk, Triggx2, Pennx3, Alves, Lytle, Gracie, Almeida, Serra, Koscheck.
- When he fought Verissimo, Verissimo was an undefeated fighter, not saying he was some great, but was still undefeated.

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