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11-18-2012, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by IceHog1962 View Post
Frustrating? How about going to the BMO and putting your butt into a seat instead of sitting at home and complaining about watching a ripped off web feed? Put up some money then you can truly be frustrated. I'll be at the BMO again on December 10th from about 10am until the games over, again on Dec 29th..we can have a beer.

Now on my own rant. I watched people rip the Blackhawks a new one all last year, now since those people are bored they turn their attention to the IceHogs? Why aren't you complaining about the Toledo Walleye?
I've become a huge IceHog fan over the past few really takes something to root for a team (players) that are only on a there to get better and move on, so I will defend them with my last breath.
I really hate responding to such stupidity but...


You sound like you are really immature and really in need of some positive reinforcement from your parents but unfortunately you won't get that from me.

So let me get this straight...because I only go to a couple Rockford Icehogs game a year then I can no longer be a fan? I am supposed to drive 6 hours this weekend so that I can go to the Rockford Icehogs game or else I can't criticize them? I go to school 5 hours away from Chicago and 6 and a half hours away from Rockford so I am not a fan now? I went to 2 games last year and I already have bought tickets for this year while I am home on Christmas break. Am I now qualified as a fan? I'll also probably go to a game over spring break....just like I did last year. Last year I went to 1 game over winter break and 1 game over spring break. So am I allowed to criticize them please???? OR should I just say "HEY GREAT JOB TEAM! YOU MAY LOSE 7-0 BUT YOU TRIED HARD(oh wait, you didn't) AND YOU DESERVE A TROPHY FOR PARTICIPATION!"?

You say that you are a "real fan" but yet you don't care how the Icehogs play? Doesn't sound like a real fan to me. Sounds like you go to the game because you have nothing better to do. A REAL fan would have some emotion and some cause for concern when their team commits 9 penalties in a 20 minute time span. And the Icehogs commit 3 penalties in the first period of the next game and give up a goal on the PK. Maybe the criticism was warranted? Or is there no such thing? Oh wait, you can't criticize them this game because you are not at the game this time.

Here is my "proof" of fandom since I guess it is now super cool to be an Icehogs fan and some exclusive club...from September 6th before the lockout BTW...

Here is the email I got reminding me that single-game tickets just went on sale:

Here is the tickets I bought that same day:

So please do me a favor and drop your undeserved sense of accomplishment. Get off your high horse. You aren't special because you go to more games than someone just like someone else isn't more special than you because they go to more Hawks' games. You really sounded like a high schooler who found the "cool" band before it became "cool". Oh man, this band isn't cool anymore because some other kids, like Hawks' fans listen to them now.

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