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Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
You are completely missing the point. It's not about the Panther's ticket prices nor their economy. It's about the fact that the Panther's have access to revenue that is generated outside of NHL revenue that makes them viable. Something the Oilers will definitely be needing to remain viable in Edmonton.

Like I said, you and that other guy obviously didn't bother to read.
Yeah, they do, as do many other teams.Which the Oilers will be getting too under the agreement Katz keeps on reneging on,
But even without that, the Oilers make a ton of money. And there is a salary cap.So no matter how you slice it, the Oilers franchise is very profitable, with or without ancillary revenues.Ancillary revenues are certainly not needed to make the Oilers franchise extremely viable, but unfortunately the City has gone down that path. without the
But are the pom poms you waive for Katz making you unable to see that?

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