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11-18-2012, 06:29 PM
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First game tonight with the new Warrior Covert DT2 (55 flex).

This stick is very light and well balanced. Significantly better than the old Dynasty and Diablo sticks. Blade feel is very good but being so whippy the stick was a hair tricky to work with catching hard passes.

Shooting is fantastic. I barely take slappers and will even less with this flex. But the light weight and balance means no lag in wrist shots. There is SERIOUS power with this stick, significantly more than the old 70 flex Diablo and Dynasty...quite possibly the most kick and power I've felt from a stick. I don't know if it's the flex or the design but it's fantastic.

In warmups I was clanging off the post and bouncing out of the zone. Guys seemed fairly impressed. In game, I had a shot on the goalie so hard that when he gloved it he couldn't clamp down and it actually bounced out of the glove and kicked back out front several feet. First time I've seen that.

Downside is accuracy might have taken a bit of a hit with that whippiness, at least until I get more time with it. Might have been a one-off...but might have been too whippy.

The light weight also made stick plays easy. I broke up a few rushes coming back with one-handed stick checks and lifts. Funny play was when I poke checked a really big strong guy while he was shooting and his shot was so hard my stick flew halfway across the ice.

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