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11-18-2012, 07:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Carelton CA View Post
Sojourn I agree it's a development league, so, are they developing? Watching these games I see a few guys developing a few regressing and more than a few treading water.

Bruce, in his press conference said "we want these guys to learn to win and HATE losing". You need to give them all a chance with a goalie or two that can steal a game and not give up a soft goal every freaking game. Last night there were two. The 1st and the 4th. See for yourself.
With all due respect, we're talking about 13 games here. What kind of development do you expect to see in that span? The ups and downs of 13 games aren't from development, or any regression in development. There are going to be a few exceptions to this, particularly in the players new to the AHL, but in general the highs and lows are normal for a pro athlete.

Of course you want them to develop in a winning environment, but the goal is still development. My point is that building a winning team, and developing prospects, don't always go together. You'd like them to, but that just isn't always the case, otherwise we'd see more trades going down to improve the teams in the AHL. One of the reasons that doesn't happen is that teams aren't willing to sacrifice NHL-quality prospects just for the sake of winning.

I also think that goaltending, right now, is the biggest problem. Inconsistent goaltending can hurt a team's confidence. We saw that last season in Anaheim with Hiller's start. Anaheim spent a great deal in time either fighting to get back into the game and/or seeing their lead vanish and the momentum they built up turn against them. It's frustrating for the players. But I don't think goaltending is the only problem. The defense has been sporadic, offensively and defensively, and the offense itself just hasn't been all that consistent either.

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