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11-18-2012, 07:18 PM
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Sorry to deviate from the Jays discussion but....

I went shopping at Safeway today, and they ere having some wicked sales, so it was busy, like Christmas shopping busy. Some chick in her 20's was meandering down the aisles, yappin on her cell phone, when I started. After passing her in the store a few times, being slowed down by her still meandering and squawking on the phone, I was getting ticked . As I finally started leaving the store after an hour and a half, guess who was in the next aisle leaving? The same meandering, yappin, squawking chick, and guess what else. She was still talking on her phone...even as she left the store and got into her car.

I'm not an old, grumpy guy who doesn't give people their space and I don't get PO'd about people talking on the cell's, but today I thought that this was a bit much. Some people have absolutely no consideration for other's when they are doing this under certain circumstances.

The End

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Why the hell are the anchovies in the friggin CHEESE section?

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