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Originally Posted by Hampeus View Post
Just for kicks, my current Bowl predicitions:

B1G- Nebraska
Pac12- Stanford
Big East- Louisville
SEC- Alabama
Big12- KState
ACC- Florida State
At-Large: LSU, Oregon, Clemson, Notre Dame.

NCG: Notre Dame-Alabama
Rose Bowl: Stanford-Nebraska
Fiesta Bowl: Kansas State-Oregon
Sugar Bowl: LSU-Clemson
Orange Bowl: Florida State-Louisville

Even though I dislike the SEC, I really think they should be allowed to have 3 BCS teams, as they have so many good teams. I picked LSU as the At-Large from the SEC as I see them winning out, while Florida and Georgia lose, and drop past LSU in the rankings. Clemson gets an At-Large, because they will be the highest ranked, non champion, non SEC team left. Hopefully I'm wrong about some of my predictions, as I rather see Georgia make the NCG.

This season has been a true **** fest.
I would also prefer Georgia.

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