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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
I think it's fair to say that, whatever degree the talent pool has increased by, the number of players of qualities x, y, and z have increased proportionally. But that can't be applied to the geniuses and outlier players. There is no guarantee that if one generation produces one, that a generation three times the size will produce three.
What you say is true but it might be more likely to happen and we have to remember that the players we are talking about Wayne, bobby and Mario also dominated a much inferior competition.

Their domination or greatness would no doubt be diminished to a degree in current times.

This statement or prediction is more likely than the possibility that they could dominate the current generation like they did their piers.

You keep bringing up the poor competition in the 70s, but you ignore that Orr dominated the other elite players in the league to a greater degree than anyone else did.
No I don't ignore that and have stated on many occasions that he was the best player in the NHL, and world for that matter, for a long period of time but his career length is simply too short to be number 1 given that level of competition. If he dominated that way post 92 then it's another matter.

It's not this factor or that it's everything.

It seems more likely that people aren't taking into account his play as a 4th forward (look at the shot totals) and the degree that the league was diminished in talent during the late 60's and especially early 70's and those WHA years.

But I readily acknowledge that many people won't even look at the matter as Orr is a legend and the Baby Boomer's idol as well.

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