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11-18-2012, 08:01 PM
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El Elimimin was a complete bust. He has been horrible since returning. In same cases Bighill had to shove him out of the way to make the play. If he wants to try the NFL again good luck. I say that he doesn't even get a try-out.

Defense was better before they started messing things up by trying to get Elimimin into the mix. El Elimimn often looked confused and disoriented. He never made a play and just seemed to be stumbling around the field.

Beyond that he used American spot that could have been used much better elsewhere - such as the offensive line.

Can't believe that Taylor wasn't in the game. He would have given the team a deep threat at least. Coach B. seemed unwilling to make the tough decisions

Also can't believe the personal on for the short kick. Had guys like Jackson and Yurenchuck out there. Needed to go with your clutch and best athletes.

Calgary was the better team on the day but maybe the Lions could have stolen one with better decision making. Going for the field goals when your offense was finally making plays has to second guessed.

Lulay wasn't that bad but there has to be real concern about his ability to hit the deep pass.

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