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Originally Posted by GopherState View Post
Going back to the discussion at the end of the last thread, what pisses me off more than anything is the "selling the team to a majority white fanbase" remark. Last time I checked the Twin Cities are a) one of the more tolerant metro areas in the country, b) have had plenty of teams where the ratio went the other way that fans fully supported and c) struggle to shake the perception among NBA players that Minnesota is a Siberian hell hole. Shouldn't be too surprising that the few signings they get to improve the team are Europeans....and Brandon Roy.

At the end of the day, the greatest thing to sell the fanbase on is winning. Been way too long for T-Wolves fans since that has happened.
For Wolves Fan this is the being of an era. Can't wait for all the injuries to heel. Still wish the Wild and NHL would end there lockout of fans. Minnesota without hockey......terrible.

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