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Originally Posted by OrrOverGretzky View Post
First off, yes some owners draw a salary, and why wouldn't they? In most cases they are CEO's or presidents of their teams and are entitled to draw a salary. But your question is dealing in an IF for example, IF they draw a $5 million salary and show a loss of $3 million..... I can't put it any other way then : trying to draw a conclusion without all the facts. I think you are trying to paint a picture that isn't entirely true. No NHL owner (CEO) is drawing a salary that is any different than any CEO of any major North American Corporation. There is no attempt to hide expenses that the NHLPA isn't aware of. Remember, they sign off on it. Now, whether we agree on whether an owner (CEO) is entitled to draw a salary, well that's a different argument.

The only reason I brought this up is because earlier you said somewhere the savings projected in your proposal divided by 30 owners: its not equally divided 30 ways, that's my whole point. And this is the nitty gritty of the CBA negotiations. It has to work for all 30 teams not as a whole. It'll take a lot of work to figure out what each team would get and how that effects their bottom line. Something I don't have time for, but one thing is certain, it's not equal.

I was just using an average. It would be divided by 30 owners but it wouldn't be equal. The savings will actually go more to the teams that need it. You will see the numbers later. The numbers work for every team based on my understanding of how it would go.
I still don't think we are on the same wavelength. Let me try 1 more time. When people say owners are losing money - owners and team are considered the same. Separate them for a second as many teams are a corporation. A team shows a $3M loss. An owner drew a salary of $5M that was included in that loss. If the owner was a different employee than the team the loss would be $3M and the employee would show that he made $5M. Basically a business and personal tax return. The corporation shows a loss but he personally shows a gain.

In this case the team ($3M loss) and the owner ($5M profit) are the same person so the net is $2M profit. I'm not saying this happened. I was asking a question to clarify if this happened at all. I'm not trying to paint a picture that isn't true. I'll just accept that the team & owner who are the same gained or lost whatever the numbers show for hockey operations income/loss.

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