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11-18-2012, 09:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Tinalera View Post
Part of me wants to see Clark put through the deal, for only this reason: because the almost certain legal hurdles/challenges/trips through the courts-I think we may finally hear big parts of the story come out; particularly if it involves parties who want to do their best canary impression in order to save their necks.

I expect we might see a whole lot of dirty laundry that even Borax won't be able to get some answers finally to what's really going on.

I suspect it will be rather informative

I think the Yotes fans, team stay or team go, need to hear what's really happening, because if things are even half as...."enlightening" as I think they are, it's goning to be a severe punch in the gut and a real serious look at how city politics can operate if left to its own devices.
I think there will be plenty of time for ex-post analysis of the financial shenanigans of Glendale even if the deal falls apart. AZ Central will cover it and its not like Glendale council meetings won't still be online. Anyone interested can keep following it. I may peak in every once and a while. However, a lot of us will lose interest in Glendale once the team is out of there if it does happen

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