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11-18-2012, 09:26 PM
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Originally Posted by DeathToAllButMetal View Post
Barely following this insanity any more, but want to post that I can't believe AZ doesn't have lame-duck rules for municipalities. We do in Ontario, for the run-up period before municipal elections and for the time between the elections and the swearing-in dates. Smart policy to have, to prevent exactly the sort of idiocy being contemplated in Glendale right now by the likes of Clark.
I'm not sure it really matters whether Clark et al. pass a motion in favor of the Jamison lease prior to their departure from city council. I can't see the contract with Jamison being signed before the new mayor and council are sworn in, and they could overturn the deal. That's what makes this whole gambit by Skeete, Clark and other council members and Jamison to pass the lease before the new council is seated seem so futile and cynical. Perhaps they are going for a symbolic act, but it will most likely poison the water more and Jamison will need all the good will he can muster from the new mayor and council to ultimately pass a durable lease agreement. If Jamison doesn't recognize that, then he is foolish. If he does, then he is just not serious about this deal.

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