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11-18-2012, 09:42 PM
Christmas Izzy
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Name: Adam
Age: 18
Favorite actor(ess): Charlie Day, Jason Segal, Simon Pegg, Wahlberg (Donnie or Mark)
Favorite director: George A. Romero
Favorite movies: Any Zombie Movies, Archies final project, Hot Fuzz
Favorite types of movies: Zombies. Survival.
Favorite TV Show: The Office, IASIP, Walking Dead, Survivor, The League and HIMYM
Favorite type of music: Alternative Rock
Favorite band/singer: blink 182, Bloodhound Gang, Hollerado, Muse, Modest Mouse
Favorite song: americanarama by hollerado
Favorite album: Blink-182 by blink-182
Favorite entertainment magazine: TheHockeyNews

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