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Originally Posted by Zandar View Post
Sure the Avs will acquire this Landaskong guy and trade him to you.

Now if you want Landeskog then that will be a no even in a one for one. That isn't an Avs fan talking but common sense. You talk about elite and game breaker you seem to think that Yakupov is the only one when in fact Landeskog also bring gamebreaker potential and an elite package that is rare in his own way. yakupov will win you plenty of games but Landeskog will win you championships. He is now a cornerstone piece of the Avs like Sakic, Forsberg, Roy, Foote, etc. That will be around for a long while. Yakupov will have great success and create a dominating offense in Edmonton while the cap allows it.
I agree Landeskog has elite talent. just not as pure offensive player.
like I said hes not a player that will create offense on his own. he has immense value because of the rare combination of skills he brings, like you pointed out,every team in the leauge needs players to get to the dirty areas and youre right Landeskog will be a key part of a championship team. If he has pieces around him. But hes not going to win championships by himself and neither will yakupov. but I will admit I thought of this deal more from edomntons point of view than colorados.

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