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Originally Posted by aqib View Post
I think there will be plenty of time for ex-post analysis of the financial shenanigans of Glendale even if the deal falls apart. AZ Central will cover it and its not like Glendale council meetings won't still be online. Anyone interested can keep following it. I may peak in every once and a while. However, a lot of us will lose interest in Glendale once the team is out of there if it does happen
Rebecca, Lisa and Sonu have tried their best. Objective -most of the time. knowledgeable- some of the time - honest opinion -some of the time -

I will stick with Sunnucks, as he actually spoke with some people involved in this.

A population of citizens who could care less where their tax dollars are spent - all of the time.

Evidence the 3 -6 citizens of a city of 300 000 who opposed the spending habits of the four musketeers at council meetings. Kudos to l'ill gary and willy d. most Canadian cities would have told them to take a hike 3+ year ago. An insurance policy? William! you have got to be kidding me!

My message to the COG - RAM this through and let the fireworks begin.

I am all in for some court shennanigans i hope the COG does not dissapoint.

Question of the day: Horatio was Ed's assistant city manager. Will he be indicted too? I was able to place a bet will a friend in Scottsdale.

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