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Originally Posted by QuietCompany View Post
Rick Nash would make the Hall of Prestigous Players. Not the HOF though.

Alfredsson I wouldn't mind if he got in but he missed a season during his peak because of lockout 1.0 and only had four 30 goal seasons plus never really stood above other elite players at any point. Of course that last argument is terrible because nowadays there are more teams and more stars so you shouldn't have to stand that far above others. You can finish 5th in scoring every single season of your career and still put up fantastic numbers and get into the HOF imo.
Even Gretzky couldn't do what you just suggested. Almost, though. He did it 16 of 20, and 13 straight from the start of his career.

Gordie Howe scored top-five 20 in a row. He started the streak in his fourth season with the Wings. He finished ninth the year after, and then one more year outside of the top-ten before he retired for the first time.

Bobby Orr played three seasons, winning the Calder and two Norrises, and then went on to finish top-three every year for six straight seasons (with six more Norrises), and didn't play another full season afterwards.

So yes, if you score top-five every year (more or less) of your career, you'll be in the HHOF. And you'll also be in the conversation for best player ever.

But if Alfredsson got consideration then I'd say Naslund should too. He didn't have as long of a career but was probably one of the best players in the world for a few years around his peak. Obviously Naslund won't get in.
Don't be so sure on Naslund. He has three straight 1st-team selections and a Pearson. He very well could get in.

I'd like to see some high end defensive dmen get conisderation. Adam Foote, maybe Jim Schoefeld, etc. Scott Stevens seems to be the only one to play in the past 20 seasons who's gotten in I think.
Stevens didn't get in for his defense. Adam Foote and Jim Schoenfeld were not good enough to justify HHOF.

I love this HFboard attitude of "defense is overrated" when evaluating active individual players, but then when talking about past greats it's "Why don't they give more recognition to defensive players?" And it's the same people who say it.

Jonathan Toews' Selke level defense and PPG offense in a tight checking division and conference doesn't make him an equal or better player than defensive liability Steven Stamkos, who benefits greatly from Martin St. Louis' playmaking and defensive ability. That Selke level defense doesn't make up the gap; about 15 points if you don't consider the differences in their conferences.

But when will Adam Foote make the Hall? I mean, he's certainly more deserving than Phil Housley, Sandis Ozolinsh, Gary Suter, James Patrick, Brad McCrimmon, Steve Duchesne, Al Iafrate, Bryan Berard, Wade Redden, or Doug Wilson.

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