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11-18-2012, 10:08 PM
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Originally Posted by AndyPipkin View Post
I never said Lutter would have won, but he was in control of the fight for the most part.

Sonnen got caught, it happens, its mma...But he got caught against Anderson Silva, not some nobody.

When it comes to Hughes, I actually don't like the guy, but come on.

- 2nd all time in WW title defences.
- Has never lost to a fighter with a losing record.
- Fight record includes: GSPx3, Menne, Hallmanx2, Gono, Doerkson, Newtonx2, Sakurai, Sherk, Triggx2, Pennx3, Alves, Lytle, Gracie, Almeida, Serra, Koscheck.
- When he fought Verissimo, Verissimo was an undefeated fighter, not saying he was some great, but was still undefeated.
Lutter was in control of the fight? You mean what? He won the first round and then lost in the 2nd??

Sonnen didn't just get caught, he also got KOd in the rematch. Did Sonnen dominate because he was too much for Silva?? If that were the case, I don't see how he could do so poorly in a rematch.
I think Silva wanted to fight on the ground at some point and wanted to find a submission, which is why he barely defended the takedowns and didn't try to get up all that much.
Surely, if it only was a dumb mistake by Sonnen, he'd come back to dominate again. That didn't happen though.

As for Hughes, I'm not saying he was a crappy fighter. I'm saying he was overrated. Some guys were calling him one of the most dominant Champs of all time, including White (marketing of course..). He fought some good fighters, but I don't think his division was that challenging.

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