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11-18-2012, 10:12 PM
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Ok I'll do another one of these.... I think it would have been much better in pre-season lol.

1. Favorite to win President's Cup: Halifax (Halifax in the pre-season)
2. The team that will finish last: Shawinigan (pre: Sherbrooke)
3. The team most overrated: Gatineau (pre: I think I said Bathurst)
4. The team most underrated: PEI (pre: Val-d'Or)
5. The best player: Drouin (pre: MacKinnon)
6. The player most overrated: Hynes (pre: Gagnon,CHI)
7. The player most underrated: Josh Currie (pre: W. Carrier, Ashley)
9. Rookie to watch: Valentin Zykov (pre: Matteau, Barb)
10. Best Goalie: Marcoux (pre: Same)
11. Most overrrated goalie: Gusse or Lagace (pre: Honzik)
12. Most underrated goalie: Bibeau (pre: Tremblay)
13. Best Defenceman: who do you think (pre: duh)
14. Most underrated defenceman: Gazzola (pre: Melindy)
15. Most overrated defenceman: Melindy (Poulin, Brisebois)
16. Best head coach: I like Tourigny and Ducharme
17. Most overrated coach: Flynn, unless he can get some consistency going

A few notes
- Hynes has not enjoyed Bathurst. He was given the "C" but then had it stripped... He hasn't produced to his full potential and has asked for a trade out of Bathurst... That's just one player, there's probably more as Bathurst has been a disaster recently...
- Bibeau has made PEI a top team... Solid play to take over Lagace.
- Drouin has been unbelieveable.. I expect his point production to decrease a bit but he's got a damn good case for MVP.
- I don't know what happened to Melindy...
- Gazzola has been a rock, great find.

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