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11-18-2012, 10:51 PM
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The offensive play calling in the second half should be a fireable offense. Down three and Dwyer is just pounding away and the team put up 135 yards before the fourth quarter even started. Why is Mendenhall in there and why are you forcing an injured Leftwich to throw the ball down field? Where is the dink and dunk and where is Dwyer?

Ravens made one ****ing play all night and they let them win off of it. Ravens backed up that punt return with a normal Flacco under pressure performance and a D that was getting the ball ran down their throat.

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Just shows how tough Ben is considering Leftwich has played about 30 snaps in his Steelers career (preseason included) and has been ko'd for the season in the preseason once and then when he finally makes a start he can't physically finish the game.

Same with Batch, got ko'd in the preseason once, came into the 2nd half of a game one season and played a quarter and got hurt, missed the rest of that season.

Dennis Dixon lasted 2 games before getting ko'd for the season the one year he played.

I honestly have no clue how Ben has survived.
Leftwich has a set of balls on him. This is the guy that got carried down the field by two linemen because he was playing on a broken ankle at Marshall, and I wouldn't be surprised if he has some type of rib injury which are agonizing for everyday movement let alone football.

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