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11-18-2012, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by ales83fan View Post
Good point.

they should have offered 25%.

why pay them more?

The reason is because there is money to be made and tickets are expensive. These guys are playing a game, and some actually have died, and others will be hurt for life. All the risk is on the players. But hey, they're cattle.

I understand that owners are risking capital, but you know what, it's easier to risk capital that being Savard right now.

I didn't realize so many people are pro-owners. I wonder how many of you would side with your bosses and companies where you work. I hope all.
Oh my. Your not seriously trying to suggest the risk is anywhere comensurate with the reward, are you.
Thats about the WORST argument one could raise.
The worst.

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