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11-18-2012, 11:43 PM
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Originally Posted by RipsADrive View Post
Anybody else watch tonight's episode?

Sets up for what looks to be a crazy good show next week.

Most annoying part of the episode is how Glenn and Maggie let a guy who has proven himself to be dangerous and unreliable take them captive while having two guns trained on him... I thought Glenn at least was supposed to be competent.

(Andrea was another annoying part but that's pretty much a given.)
Solid episode. Looks like Rick has reconciled his loss after going bat **** crazy briefly. Glenn is smart at planning but lacklustre in action. Guy is soft and nieve. Michonne on the other hand is super bad ass and in the process of what I view as starting a war. Her and Merle both. The governor and his true intentions are yet to fully reveal themselves with is quite intriguing.

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