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11-19-2012, 12:07 AM
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Originally Posted by sparxx87 View Post
He's been relatively healthy 3 out of the last 4 years. No doubt that if he goes down it'll be tough to fill, but given that we got 2 big league pitchers and only gave up 1, everyone was bumped down the depth chart at least one spot.. I also wouldn't rule out signing another veteran for insurance. Happ is supposed to be the 5th starter and broke his leg last year, Romero had elbow surgery, Morrow missed time with injury and JJ hasn't exactly been an iron man. Buehrle is the only reliable guy we have now, and even he's aging so I don't know how willing I would be to bet on 200+ IP from him.

I would honestly be suprised if AA didn't sign a veteran 4-5 guy, or possibly a long reliever who can make spot starts if needed.
That would be a very smart move. The Jays struggled mightily last season when starters hit the DL.

I can't even argue how bad Romero was last year, he was downright awful.. But I think with the added support around him, he'll rebound
I hope so. He's fun to watch when he has it all together.

I think he moves pretty well for a big man, and he does have a good arm, just isn't accurate at times... He struggled at times getting off a quick throw and putting it on target from 3rd. I really like him at 1st base.
He has always had a good glove when he gets the ball. His problem has always been his throws. 1st is his best position to play in the field, but he won't be winning any gold gloves.

If I'm not mistaken, he wasn't allowed to go past 6 after he returned from injury.. A few times he had gems going and was still pulled after 6.
That's not surprising. The key for him is keeping the pitchcount low so he can be the ace. He's a dominant as they come, but he sometimes throws too many balls and gets out of games too early.

Theres no stamina issues with a healthy Brandon Morrow. I'd argue he's the staff ace, even with a healthy JJ and rebounded Ricky Romero.
It's definitely between him and Johnson.

It is great though? The best, if not second best in baseball?
I believe it will be a very good division. But, we'll have to see how the games play out.

They had the best pitching staff last year too, with Upton. Didn't they lose like 9 games 1-0 last year? They'll be hard pressed to score runs. Can a team with the best or near best ERA still be successful when they're one of the worst offensive teams? I guess we'll see.
That pitching staff will keep them in just about every game, though. Also, they lose Upton, but they hopefully get a full season out of Longoria.

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