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11-19-2012, 12:15 AM
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So a few things about the final Twilight movie I was dragged to because I'm a God damned awesome boyfriend:

For those of you on mobile that may actually want to see this...SPOILERS AHEAD.

I was so ready to give major credit to the filmmakers for rewriting the ending and not being afraid to kill off some of the main characters. It made their deaths somewhat meaningful, it introduced the element of sacrifice that the series was so horribly lacking in, and it made every other action at least kind of mean something. At the very least, it paid off the 4 movies of buildup with a nice fight scene at the end of the day. But then...they ripped it all away with the "Dream Sequence" cop out. Everyone came back to life, Deus Ex Machina showed up and saved the day, and at the end nobody learned anything and nothing ****ing happened. Damnit guys you were so close to salvaging this ****ing trainwreck. So. Close.

Also, that CGI baby was ****ing creepy.

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