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11-19-2012, 01:28 AM
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Originally Posted by DanielEtvs View Post
i was stationed in South Korea for a year, I like SOuth Korean music! lol im just up browsing yotube for Sabs videos and I just found this weirrrrd (yet funny) Buffalo vid
Originally Posted by Afino View Post
The guy has been a star in SK for a while. This was just the first hit that crossed the ocean and turned him into a megastar.

Even if he never has another hit here, he'll continue to have a career in SK, I'm sure.
Fortunately he was already out of South Korea before he ever had a hit, unfortunately that's about one of the most played songs in all the Thai go go's so had it drilled into my brain when I was there. It wouldn't break my heart one bit to never hear it again.

South Korean music isn't bad, though their lyrics really don't translate very well. A year and change in Monterey learning it and 2 yrs stationed there didn't help much, hell, Koreans fluent in English couldn't really translate them very well either.

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